About Elkhorn Soccer Club

Established in 1972, Elkhorn Soccer Club is a youth soccer organization that has been serving the Elkhorn and West Omaha community for 45 years. Recently undergoing a shift in its administration and organization, Elkhorn SC aims to be an organization for any child in the community who wishes to enjoy the game of soccer. We offer programs that range from developmental, organized, and competitive — all with the oversight of professional directors and coaches to ensure that all of our athletes are positively engaged in the game of soccer.


Elkhorn SC’s aim is to develop the player and to develop the person — we believe that children are the future and their development is paramount to the health of our community. We take pride in being part of Elkhorn’s community for 45 years. As we approach the next 45 we aim to be a bigger, better contributor to the Elkhorn community.


Elkhorn Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that fosters amateur sports competition. This means that no part of the club’s activities or net earnings can unfairly benefit any director, officer, or any private individual — the fees we collect from our members go directly towards the operation of the club and it’s activities. Part of being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit means that a majority of the club’s decisions are subject to approval from a Board of Directors. This process helps us stay compliant with our status and prevent any one individual from benefitting unfairly from the club.


Donations made to Elkhorn Soccer Club are tax-deductible.