Elkhorn SC Announces New Turf Facility at Elkhorn Training Camp

ESC has signed an agreement for primary use of a lighted turf facility at ETC

Elkhorn SC Announces New Turf Facility at Elkhorn Training Camp Beginning Spring 2017

January 13, 2017

Elkhorn SC has secured a lease with Elkhorn Training Camp to be the primary tenant of their new outdoor turf facility.


Elkhorn Training Camp is a recently constructed multi-sport and fitness facility located in Elkhorn, just northwest of the Dodge and 204th intersection south of The Mark.


Beginning in Spring of 2017, Elkhorn SC will have access to their first turf facility and their first facility with lights. The space is 175’ x 150’ and is large enough to fit two fields side by side for players aged 8 and under. Construction has been underway of the facility and is expected to be completed in time for the Hive season to begin.


A blueprint of the turf area that is currently under construction south of Elkhorn Training Camp.

Elkhorn SC is committed to trying to provide its players with the best facilities and opportunities possible. Given the state of Ta-Ha-Zouka, this opportunity was one that the club identified as too important to miss.

Executive Director, Rob Herringer, had this to say about the agreement:

“We are excited to partner with the Elkhorn Training Camp in order to provide first-class training facilities for our growing membership.  Our players, at every level of the game, will benefit from this agreement, as it will allow us to have enough quality field space to provide programming for children of all ages and abilities."

Primary use of the turf will be dedicated to our Hive program, specifically the 8 and under ages, who occupied much of the space at Ta-Ha-Zouka. All U5-U8 Hive games will be played at ETC, with games occurring on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Additional opportunities to utilize the space will be available for teams in our other branches of the club such as United and A.D.O.

The club also is planning camps and clinics to provide opportunities for the full membership to use this space. This includes, but is not limited to, summer camps and our summer High School Girls’ League.


Registration is now open for the spring Hive and A.D.O. seasons. More information on the upcoming Hive season can be found here.

Elkhorn Training Camp is located at 715 N 210th St in Elkhorn.