Goalkeeping and Finishing Camp

Elkhorn SC is happy to share that we'll be continuing our Goalkeeping + Finishing Camps this summer.

Building off the success of our prior iterations, we are designing a curriculum to help our devoted players get extra opportunities to develop their skills in goalkeeping and composure in front of goal.

Goalkeepers will have a tailored curriculum to help them refine the details that the position demands.

This includes:

  • Agility and plyometric training
  • Detailed breakdown of the techniques
    • Examples of this include: improving reactions, and proper catching technique at different heights and angles
  • Improvement of angle play
  • Tactical breakdown of positioning and awareness

Finishers will be given lots of repetition in front of goal. More importantly, players will learn about the complex and detailed movement off the ball in order to get themselves into the best positions in front of goal. Players who have more repetition in high pressure situations at training are more likely to become more composed in front of goal and improve their chances at scoring goals.

This includes:

  • Understanding how movement off the ball can create space, move defenders, and improve first touch on the ball
  • Mastering the technique required to finish from all angles
  • Finishing under pressure to mimic game like scenarios.
    • Finishing crosses, set pieces, 1v1's
    • Build-up and combination play
    • Movement off the ball
  • Repetition under high pressure to develop composure in front of goal

For: Boys and girls, 2008-1999

Cost: $125

Where: Elkhorn Training Camp

When: July 10-13

Time: Evenings, exact time TBD