About the Hive Academy

About The Hive

“The Hive” is our total player development program for players 4U-10U.

The Hive curriculum and instruction are built around the core principles of: Skill, Speed, Strength, Spirit and Sense/Smarts.

Skill:  Confidence and creativity with the ball

Speed: Speed of thought and action (with and without the ball)

Strength:  Building strong minds and bodies

Spirit: Communication, respect, sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork

Sense/Smarts: Study, decision-making and responsibility

Each age group in "The Hive" is assigned a full-time Age Group Director who is a professional coach and has experience working with young soccer players.  The Age Group Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of their age group, which includes training session design and execution, coaching and parent education and game-day management.  The Age Group Director works closely with professional and parent coaches to deliver top-notch instruction that follows a carefully designed club-wide curriculum.    

Team Formation and Programming: 

- Teams are formed based on school/neighborhood and coach requests.  

The Elkhorn Soccer Club strives to honor all coach and teammate requests; however, due to roster size limits, we are unable to guarantee all requests will be honored.

- 5U-8U teams train one time per week under the supervision of the Age Group Director, professional club staff and parent coaches. 9U and 10U teams train two times per week.

- All teams play within The Hive in-house outdoor league and the 9U/10U age groups have the opportunity to participate in the ESC Hive Friendlies or Coerver® Cup in the fall.  9U/10U teams will play in the NSSA Spring Cup during the 2018 spring season.

Hive + (Plus)
Hive+ is designed to provide a more challenging training environment for players who have consistently demonstrated exceptional talent and potential. Coaches and club directors will recommend players for Hive+ training.  

Selected players will participate in a minimum of four training sessions per season with top ESC coaches.  

There is no additional fee for Hive+ training.