United Teams
U11 Boys United Revolution U11 Girls United Fusion U11 Girls United Athena
U11 Girls United Renegades U12 Boys United Sounders U12 Boys United
U12 Boys United Hotspurs U12 Girls United Xplosion U12 Girls United Xtreme
U12 Girls United Ambush U12 Girls United Moxie U12 Girls United Spirit
U13 Boys United Fire U13 Boys United Rapid U13 Boys United Red
U13 Girls United Fury U13 Girls United Rush U13 Girls United Brava
U13 Girls United Infinity U14 Boys United Ajax U14 Boys United Wolves
U14 Girls United Adrenaline U15 Girls United Inferno U15 Girls United Force
U16 Boys United Redhawks U16 Boys United Thunder U17 Girls United Olympik
U18 Boys United    

United Development Teams
U9 Boys United Blue U9 Boys United Fire U9 Boys United Galaxy
U9 Boys United Red U9 Boys United White U9 Girls United Blaze
U9 Girls United Lumos U9 Girls United White U10 Boys United Panthers
U10 Boys United Red U10 Boys United Sharknados U10 Girls United Blue
U10 Girls United Gold U10 Girls United Legends U10 Girls United White

Recreational Teams
U9 Boys Earthquakes U9 Boys Impact U9 Boys Thrashers
U9 Girls Breakers U9 Girls Charge U9 Girls Flash
U9 Girls Reign U10 Boys Tornadoes U10 Boys Tsunami
U10 Boys Twisters U10 Girls Comets U10 Girls Crush
U11 Boys Galaxy U11 Boys Wizards U11 Girls Beat
U11 Girls Blast U12 Boys Energy U12 Girls Heat
U13 Girls Sting U14 Boys Strikers U15 Girls Dynamo
U19 Boys Galaxy    

Micro Teams
U5 Boys U5b Team 1 U5 Boys U5b Team 10 U5 Boys U5b Team 11
U5 Boys U5b Team 12 U5 Boys U5b Team 2 U5 Boys U5b Team 3
U5 Boys U5b Team 4 U5 Boys U5b Team 5 U5 Boys U5b Team 6
U5 Boys U5b Team 7 U5 Girls U5g Team 1 U5 Girls U5g Team 2
U5 Girls U5g Team 3 U5 Girls U5g Team 4 U5 Girls U5g Team 5
U5 Girls U5g Team 6 U5 Coed U5b Team 8 U5 Coed U5b Team 9
U6 Boys U6b Team 1 U6 Boys U6b Team 10 U6 Boys U6b Team 11
U6 Boys U6b Team 12 U6 Boys U6b Team 13 U6 Boys U6b Team 14
U6 Boys U6b Team 15 U6 Boys U6b Team 16 U6 Boys U6b Team 2
U6 Boys U6b Team 3 U6 Boys U6b Team 4 U6 Boys U6b Team 5
U6 Boys U6b Team 6 U6 Boys U6b Team 7 U6 Boys U6b Team 8
U6 Boys U6b Team 9 U6 Girls U6g Team 1 U6 Girls U6g Team 2
U6 Girls U6g Team 3 U6 Girls U6g Team 4 U6 Girls U6g Team 6
U6 Coed U6g Team 10 U6 Coed U6g Team 5 U6 Coed U6g Team 7
U6 Coed U6g Team 8 U6 Coed U6g Team 9 U7 Boys U7b Team 1
U7 Boys U7b Team 10 U7 Boys U7b Team 11 U7 Boys U7b Team 12
U7 Boys U7b Team 13 U7 Boys U7b Team 14 U7 Boys U7b Team 15
U7 Boys U7b Team 16 U7 Boys U7b Team 2 U7 Boys U7b Team 3
U7 Boys U7b Team 4 U7 Boys U7b Team 5 U7 Boys U7b Team 6
U7 Boys U7b Team 7 U7 Boys U7b Team 8 U7 Boys U7b Team 9
U7 Girls U7g Team 1 U7 Girls U7g Team 10 U7 Girls U7g Team 11
U7 Girls U7g Team 12 U7 Girls U7g Team 2 U7 Girls U7g Team 3
U7 Girls U7g Team 4 U7 Girls U7g Team 5 U7 Girls U7g Team 6
U7 Girls U7g Team 7 U7 Girls U7g Team 8 U7 Girls U7g Team 9
U8 Boys U8b Team 1 U8 Boys U8b Team 10 U8 Boys U8b Team 11
U8 Boys U8b Team 12 U8 Boys U8b Team 2 U8 Boys U8b Team 3
U8 Boys U8b Team 4 U8 Boys U8b Team 5 U8 Boys U8b Team 6
U8 Boys U8b Team 7 U8 Boys U8b Team 8 U8 Boys U8b Team 9
U8 Girls U8g Team 1 U8 Girls U8g Team 2 U8 Girls U8g Team 3
U8 Girls U8g Team 4 U8 Girls U8g Team 5 U8 Girls U8g Team 6
U8 Girls U8g Team 7 U8 Girls U8g Team 8  

The Elkhorn Soccer Club is a leader in the community providing all players the opportunity to play competitive or developmental soccer; players will achieve a level of play commensurate with their ability, potential, and interest.

ENSA Rainout: 827-9868    NSL Rainout: 827-9886

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Board Meeting

April 16, 2014

7:00 PM

1406 Veterans Drive