Program Overview

The Elkhorn Soccer Club serves youth soccer players between the ages of 4 and 18. Age groups are listed as U5 through U19. The "U" stands for Under, so U5 means Under 5, or 4 years old as of the start of the soccer year. A soccer year starts on August 1st and continues through July 31st of the following year.

Micro Soccer
U5 - U8

U9 - U19

United Development
U9 - U10

United Select
U11 - U19


Elkhorn Soccer Club Curriculum

Micro U5/U6 Season Plan
Micro U7/U8 Season Plan
U9/U10 Season Plan
U11/U12 Season Plan
U13/U14 Season Plan
U15/U16 Season Plan
U17/U18 Season Plan


The Elkhorn Soccer Club is a leader in the community providing all players the opportunity to play competitive or developmental soccer; players will achieve a level of play commensurate with their ability, potential, and interest.

ENSA Rainout: 827-9868    NSL Rainout: 827-9886

ENSA Schedule    NSL Schedule

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Board Meeting

April 16, 2014

7:00 PM

1406 Veterans Drive