Sponsorship Overview

At the Elkhorn Soccer Club, we take our mission, "Dedicated to Developing a Culture of Excellence" very seriously. In order to carry out the mission of the club, we would like to request your sponsorship so that we will be able to continue programs that help our youth utilize soccer as a means to develop into future leaders within our community. You will find that a partnership with the Elkhorn Soccer Club is a partnership with the vitality of our community. In addition, your ability to connect to thousands of local residents through our sponsorship program is also a great way to enhance your business and image. Enrollment in a sponsorship program covers a full calendar year, beginning August 1st.


The Elkhorn Soccer Club is a leader in the community providing all players the opportunity to play competitive or developmental soccer; players will achieve a level of play commensurate with their ability, potential, and interest.

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Board Meeting

April 16, 2014

7:00 PM

1406 Veterans Drive