Coaching Education

All Elkhorn SC Coaches, paid and volunteer, are required to have a USSF 'F' License at minimum.

The 'F' License is a 2-hour online course through the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center that costs $25. This license does not expire.

USSF 'F' License


About additional different coaching certifications:

USSF Licenses - US Soccer Federation Coaching Education

United Soccer Coaches
*Formerly NSCAA - National Soccer Coaches Association of America Coaching Education

NSCAA Master Schedule

NSCAA Course Registration often requires membership in the NSCAA. There are tremendous benefits for this membership which includes access to courses, a members only rate to the infamous NSCAA Convention, training activities, and more.

  • Development Focused Courses
    • 4v4 Course - A three hour in-person course is designed for coaches with players ages 8 and under
    • 7v7/9v9 Course - A combined course for the next level of coaching is a nine hour in-person course focused on the 9-12 year old player.
    • 11v11 Course - Course focuses on the 13 and above player, this Diploma is designed for an intermediate coach. It is a 12 hour in-person course focused on the 11v11 game with topics including the modern numbering system, formations and systems of play, player competencies and defensive and offensive tactics.
  • Advanced Courses
    • National Diploma - A week long or two weekend commitment. This course is considered the equivalent of the USSF 'D' by Elkhorn SC.
    • Advanced National - A week long or two weekend commitment. This course is considered the equivalent of the USSF 'C' by Elkhorn SC.
    • Premier Diploma - A week long commitment. This course is considered the equivalent of the USSF 'B' by Elkhorn SC.
    • Master Coach - An 8 month commitment. This course is considered the equivalent of the USSF 'A' by Elkhorn SC.
  • Goalkeeping Courses
    • Level 1 - an in-person 6 hour course that is focused toward the team coach and enabling them to better evaluate goalkeepers and incorporate them into team training sessions.
    • Level 2 - an in-person 12 hour course that is designed for the specialist goalkeeper coach and the team coach looking for more in-depth coaching for goalkeepers.
    • Level 3 - an in-person 18 hour course that explores the tactical components of goalkeeping and the specifics of training and developing goalkeepers.
    • Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma - a two weekend or week long commitment. The course builds on Levels 1-3 in providing in-depth technical and tactical instruction for goalkeepers at all levels.

Coerver® Coaching

As a Coerver® Partner Club, we also encourage and recognize Coerver branded coaching certifications.

  • Coerver® Youth Diploma - Level 1
    • Designed for all levels of coaches, from beginner to advanced, teachers or parents, to give them a greater understanding of how to plan & deliver more effective coaching sessions based on the Coerver® Coaching Philosophy.
  • Coerver® Youth Diploma - Level 2
    • Builds upon the ideas and principles that are introduced in the Level 1 Diploma course.
      • Available in-person only

Dates, details, and registration for in-person courses is available on the Coerver® website