ESC Select Coaching Staff




Michael Bailey
Director of Juniors (10U-12U)

Professional Experience: Lincoln High School (Nebraska), Varsity Assistant Boys Soccer 1992-1994; Gladiator Soccer Club Coach; Nebraska Olympic Development Program Coach; Millard South High School, Varsity Assistant Boys Soccer 1998; Harry A. Burke High School, Varsity Head Coach Boys Soccer 1999-2007; Elkhorn High School, Varsity Head Coach Boys Soccer 2008-2010; Elkhorn South High School, Varsity Head Coach Boys Soccer 2011-2013; North-South Soccer Camps, Owner & Director 2008-2013. Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach, 2008-Present.

Coaching Licenses:  Coerver® Youth Diploma

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? 
“I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club because it provides a structured, positive learning environment for youth to develop as both people and players. It is a place where players and families are valued and feel special about being member of the club.”

Team -
 B07 Ajax Assistant

Ted Anderson

Ted Anderson
Director of Intermediates (Select 13U-15U)

Professional Experience: College Coaching Experience 1999-2014; 2005 NCAA DII National Champions; 2002-2005 NCAA DII Final Four Appearances; 6 Conference, Titles 6 Regional Titles, 8 NCAA Appearances 2002-2009; Coached 9 All- Americans, 11 academic All-Americans; Overall record 201-74-12. BENSC DOC for 2016-2018. High School Coaching Experience: Burke Girls 1996-1998, State Semi-Finalists 1998; Burke Boys 2000-2001.

Coaching Licenses: NSCAA Master Coach 2010, NSCAA National, NSCAA Advanced National, NSCAA Premier, NSCAA GKI & GKII

Playing Experience: Burke High School 1992-1995, 1993 and 1995 State Finalist, 1994 State Champions; Shrine Classic Co-Captain, 1994 1st team All-state; Gladiator Club Omaha 1987-1995-Nebraska State Champions 1995, 1989

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I am coaching for ESC to continue to build a club to compete at all levels in Nebraska soccer. The growth of of ESC has been great over the past 4 years. I feel the club develops people in a holistic and positive way. The next phase of growth for the club is going to be exciting to be a part of.

Teams - G05 Sparta

Director of Scholars (16U-19U)

Jon Shaad
Director of Juniors (Select 11U-12U)

Professional Experience:  Kansas Rush Wichita Club Coach; Kansas ODP Boys '99 Coach; Coerver® GPS Staff Coach; Benedictine College Men's Assistant Coach

Coaching Licenses:  NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, USSF 'C' LicenseCoerver® Youth Diploma

Playing Experience:  Barton County Junior College (KS), Benedictine College (KS)

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? "I have learned so much while growing up playing the game I love. I have had some amazing coaches throughout my life and would not be the person I am today without them and the game of soccer. I coach at Elkhorn Soccer Club to give back to the game that has given me so much. I hope to be a positive influence in the lives of our players and the community, just like the coaches I had while growing up."

Teams - Boys Hive+

Coaching Staff


Prince Artey

Professional Experience: La Salle Academy High School (Rhode Island) Coach, Benedictine College Graduate Assistant Coach

Coaching Licenses:  NSCAA National Diploma, Coerver® Youth Diploma

Playing Experience: Community College of Rhode Island, Benedictine College (KS)

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club?
“The reason I am a coach at Elkhorn Soccer Club is because I want to give back to the kids of the community.  I have had many great coaches over the years that helped me develop as both a player and a person, and I aim to do the same for the kids on my team. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience of soccer, and help the kids grow in a fun, competitive environment.”

Teams - G08 Ajax, B04 Ajax

Naomi Bernal

Naomi Bernal

Professional Experience: U5/U6 ESC Hive Staff Winter 2017 - Spring 2018, Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach, 2018-Present

Playing Experience: Hastings College

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I've been familiar with ESC for most of my life since I played on an ESC team up until high school. The program gave me many wonderful experiences including allowing me to bond with my teammates and helping develop a strong work ethic. I want to help the club develop players that not only work hard, but also have a passion for the game. 

Teams: G09 Sparta, G08 Sparta 


Jason Black

Coaching Experience:  Omaha Futbol Club Coach, 2004-2013; Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach, 2010-Present

Coaching Licenses: USSF 'D' License, Coerver® Youth Diploma

Playing Experience:  Hartwick College (NY)

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? 
"Because it's my hometown soccer club. We love living here and enthusiasm of this community for the sport of soccer is incredible. I want to give back to my community and to the sport that has taught me so much."

                                      Team - G06 Ajax


Carrie Connors

Professional Experience: Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach 2006 – Present

Coaching Licenses: USSF 'E' License

Why do you coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club because I share the same values. I believe that soccer clubs should care about more than just developing a player. In Elkhorn, our focus includes the player and the person in every capacity.  

Team - G07 Sparta


Jacob Fischer

Professional Experience: Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach 2016 - Present, Nebraska ODP Coach 2017 - Present

Coaching Licenses: USSF ‘D’ License

Playing Experience: Benedictine College

Why do you coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? "The community. Elkhorn Soccer Club provides, truly, a positive environment for kids to develop as soccer players and great people. I can distinctly remember all of the soccer coaches from my playing career, so it’s fun being on the opposite end of that and helping kids succeed in their own soccer careers.”

Team - B08 Ajax, B05 Ajax


Sean Foster

Professional Experience: Central High School Varsity Assistant 1993-1997, Gladiator SC U19B and U20B Head Coach 1996-1998, Gladiator SC Club Trainer 1996-1999, Legends SC (Kansas) Assistant Coach U13B 2001-2005, Elkhorn Hive Coach 2011-2017, Elkhorn 2007B Ajax Coach

Coaching Licenses:  NSCAA National Diploma, Coerver Youth Diploma, USSF ‘F’ license

Playing Experience: Gladiator Soccer Club Select player through U19, Creighton University 1992-1993, USISL Omaha Flames 1996 (outdoor)

Why do you coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I truly feel that a coach should be a mentor to a player for life--not only to propel a child to be a better player, but a better person as well. A great coach will not just give his players the will to succeed, but the will to prepare to succeed. The values of ESC reflect this and I try my best to embrace my role every day, on and off the field.

Team - B07 Ajax


Mirza Hasanbegovic

Professional Experience: Hastings College Reserve Team (2005-2006). Hastings High School Boys Assistant Coach (2004-2006). Wayne State College Assistant Coach (2007-2009). Elkhorn Girls Olympic Head Coach (2009-2015). Westside High School Assistant Coach (2012-2014). Elite Girls Academy Coach (2015-2016). Elkhorn Soccer Club Head Coach (2017-Present).

Coaching Licenses: USSF "E"

Playing Experience: Westside High School, NFC Vincere, Hastings College.

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? As a kid growing up in Europe, soccer is the only sport you know. This game has given me so much and taken me places across the world that I never thought I would have the pleasure of seeing. I want the players at our club, the players on my team, to experience that same feeling. As a coach, I hope my players learn to love and appreciate the game through my coaching and my passion for it.

Team: B01 Ajax


Chad Lange

Professional Experience: Morningside College (Iowa) Assistant Coach; Bishop Heelan Catholic High School (Iowa) Head Coach. Elkhorn Soccer Club Program Director, 2012-2018. Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach, 2012-Present.

Coaching Licenses: USSF National 'D' License, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, Coerver® Youth Diploma

Playing Experience: Briar Cliff University (IA)

Why do you coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? 
“I coach at Elkhorn because of the great people there; the coaches, the parents, the kids, and everyone else who helps make Elkhorn the best club to work for.  I feel like I have developed great friendships here and that is a big part of the reason I not only want to stay but increase my role and impact with the club.”

Team - B09 Sparta, B03 Ajax


Haggai Leboo

Professional Experience: Benedictine College Graduate Assistant Men's Coach, 2011 -2013, FC Majestic Club Coach, 2014 -2015.

Playing Experience:  Rockhurst University, KF Pristina FC (Kosovo), 2010-2011

Coaching Licenses: NSCAA National Diploma, Coerver® Youth Diploma

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? “To teach, train and develop young soccer minds into brilliant players and people.”

Teams - G09 Ajax, G05 Ajax


Rob Meyers

Professional Experience:  Cathedral High School Girls Varsity Coach, 1993- 1994; - Toro Soccer Club, 1993-1998; Skutt Catholic High School Girls Varsity Coach, 1995-1999;  Skutt Catholic High School Boys Varsity Coach, 2008-2013; Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach 2009-Present

Coaching Licenses:  USSF 'D' License

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? 
“The Elkhorn Soccer Club has been a great home for my kids.  They have made connection with kids from all around our community.  There is a real family type atmosphere where the kids, coaches, and players are all working together to ensure a successful developmental experience.  I have personally enjoyed the relationships with the kids, other coaches, and parents that I have encountered in my time with the Elkhorn Soccer Club.”

Team - B02 Ajax


Emily Michaels
4U/5U/6U Hive Director

Professional Experience:
 Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach, 2017-Present

Coaching Licenses: USSF 'F' License, US Soccer Grassroots 11v11 License

Playing Experience: University of Nebraska Omaha

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I coach for ESC because my coaches over the years have had such an impact on the woman and player I am today and I want to be that impact for the next generation of soccer players. My coaches have not only taught me soccer, but life lessons that I carry with me to this day. I want to pass those on. ESC provides a friendly but competitive environment that I am honored to be a part of. 

Team - G04 Ajax


Jarad Miller

Professional Experience: Elkhorn Soccer Club Coach, 2016-present

Coaching Licenses: USSF 'F' License

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? Elkhorn Soccer Club's philosophy and beliefs line up directly with my personal beliefs, which makes it easy to be a coach for this organization. We all as coaches within ESC are developing the next wave of great players that will make an impact on the soccer community, but more importantly we are developing great individuals for their post-soccer careers. There have been many great coaches that mentored myself throughout my playing career, and I hope to be that inspiration to a child within ESC to continue to follow their dreams whatever that might. I am honored to be part of the amazing coaching staff for the ESC.

Team - G02/03 Ajax


Marissa Ringblom
Sport Performance Director

Professional Experience: Iowa Western Community College- Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 

Coaching Licenses: NSCAA National Diploma

Playing Experience: University of Nebraska at Kearney 

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? 
"I grew up playing multiple sports. Aside from my family, my select softball coach probably had the biggest impact on me as a person. She impacted my work ethic and my decisions to do the right things off of the field. Those extra things that I controlled like my work ethic and leadership skills helped me become a successful student-athlete. If I can impact some of my players the way that my coach impacted me, then I have done my job. I want to give my girls the skills and tools that they need to contribute to their high school teams and potentially move on and play at the collegiate level if that's what they want to do."

Team - G01/02 Ajax, Goalkeepers


Andrew "Percy" Percic
Goalkeeper Trainer

Playing Experience: 2000-2003 Lombard Firebirds; 2004-09 Chicago Fire Jr.’s Club; 2010-12 York College; 2015-16 Sterling College

Coaching Licenses:  USC National Diploma, USSF 'F' License

Coaching Experience: 2013-15 Eclipse Select Soccer Club Goalkeeper Coach; 2015-16 Evolution Soccer Club Goalkeeper Coach; 2016-17 Student Assistant for the Men’s program at Sterling College; March 2017-Current Nebraska Christian College Graduate Assistant Men's and Women's Soccer Coach

Why do I coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I coach for Elkhorn because it is a club that supports its coaches to not just help develop great soccer players, but great kids. It really is both a high level of soccer, and a family environment. 

TeamB08 Sparta, Goalkeepers


Marcus Schademann

Professional Experience: Elkhorn Soccer Club

Coaching Licenses: USSF 'D' License

Playing Experience: Bradley University (IL), Indiana Invaders 2010 (PDL)

Why do I coach for Elkhorn Soccer Club?
"I coach for Elkhorn Soccer Club because I want to be a positive role model like my club coaches did for me growing up.  I want to help today's youth develop as soccer players and be successful as people.  I find that Elkhorn Soccer Club to be a positive environment for young developing soccer players."

Team - B01 Ajax, B06 Ajax


Anne Schafer
8U Hive Director

Professional Experience: Benedictine College (Kansas) Assistant Women’s Coach, 2010-2015, Elkhorn South High School Women's JV Head Coach, 2018

Coaching Licenses: NSCAA Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma, NSCAA Premier Diploma, Coerver® Youth Diploma

Playing Experience: Benedictine College (KS)

Why do I coach for Elkhorn Soccer Club? I coach for Elkhorn Soccer Club to share my passion for the game of soccer and to coach and develop soccer players the right way.

                                       Team - G10 Ajax

Russ Siedlik

Russ Siedlik

Professional Experience: Spring 2017 ESC Hive Coach, 13-16 YMCA

Coaching Licenses: USSF 'E' License

Playing Experience: '95-'98 Bellevue University, '92-'95 Ralston High School, '90-'96 Gladiator Soccer Club

Why do you coach for the Elkhorn Soccer Club? I coach for ESC to provide kids and parents a positive environment to learn soccer, be a part of a team and have fun.

Team - B07 Sparta